Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Are you a Superhero? These kids are...

Friends and Family,

You may already know the soft spot I have for abused children, and the passion I feel to help and protect them.  As my good friend Matt Curtin was inspired to say:

“Every child needs a hero, but every abused child needs a Superhero.”

So please join me and REGISTER for the 2010 CASA Superhero Run on September 19th at 8am at The Domain, where you can laugh at me running in a Superhero costume, and do good in the process by raising money for children whose parents should have protected them cannot or will not do so.  These kids can’t stick up for themselves, but CASA Can.

Mens Deluxe Muscle Chest Green Lantern Costume
Who is the Green Lantern?
But hey, I understand not all of you are comfortable running around in bright colors or tights.  So before you bail out and hit , here are the Top 10 reasons people said no to the Superhero 5K, that you don’t want to have to admit in public on September 20thJ

Top Ten List:
10. I'm afraid if I go to The Domain I'll get distracted and stuck waiting in line for an iPad at the Apple store.  (it’s ok, they are closed Sunday mornings)
9.  I haven’t run a 5K in “x” months/years/ever.  (this is about the kids, so don’t sweat the timer if you are worried; get the course record  if you are fit or gifted)   
8.  I only run barefoot in the mountains on rocky paths - can't do high-end shopping districts with soft paved roads.  (c’mon, this’ll be the Neimann-Marcus of 5K’s)
7.  I only wear Superhero costumes in “private” time.  (We won’t tell, and this is socially acceptable…)
6.  I don’t have a costume yet.  (Amazon and others have lots to sell, and there’s plenty of time to buy)
5.  I have to watch 5 hours of NFL pre-game on Sunday mornings (really?  Well, use your DVR amigo)
4.  We must go to church on Sunday mornings (don’t worry, we’ll be done by 9am and God says you can have a hall pass to do good for abused kids)
3.  I love/despise the Longhorns and might be tired or hung-over after their victory/loss at Texas Tech the night before.  (celebrate victory or sweat out your misery with us)
2.  I am not in Austin and/or can’t make it there on September 19th.  (keep reading, we have options for you…)
1.  I don’t like fun, winning things, celebrating good causes with people, seeing children smile, or feeling good.  (uhhh, I don’t know what to say…are we friends?)     

If you can't run for some reason above, please help us reach our team goal of $1,000 by pledging and contributing something between a cup of coffee ($2) and whatever touches your heart for these abused children (all amounts welcome to help us hit $1,000).  

Friends, this is a legitimate need to show kids we care about them and how they care for others in the future.  Here are some stories behind the kids and volunteers, including support from Gov. Rick Perry.

When you click the link to REGISTER for the Race, make sure you join team name: "Family Venture".  Or start your own!

Thanks for considering this fun activity and/or small financial sacrifice as part of your overall giving and service.

Stronger together,


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